Community Entrepreneurship

Business in Community(BIC) the DevEast community based development model builds entrepreneurship and industry in communities from the grounds up

Ebonyi State

Under the right circumstance, the state should see itself as the agricultural state of the East.

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Anambra State

Anambra state is the most aggressive and enterprising state in the East, even perhaps Nigeria. It owes this to the early exposure of people of Anambra to trade and education.

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Imo State

170 Million Nigeria with less than 10% able to travel abroad. Owerri and indeed Imo State can provide an alternative local holiday/tourist destination.

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Enugu State

For the South East to thrive, it needs a center for research, development and creativity. It can do this by building an industry out of it.

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Abia State

Although Abia State through her border communities are oil bearing, Abia is more synonymous with crafts, manufacturing and Trade.

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